Dansens Hus årliga streetdancefestival Urban Connection har nu varit i full gång under veckoslutet. På Medborgarplatsen bjöd Blackout Crew på ett uppträdande där man försökte bidra till minskade fördomar kring dancehall.

Blackout Family doing a show about some prejudice against us dancehall dancers and we are so tired to hear all these kind of things so we decided to show what people always says or ask us in this show… Like “white girls can’t dance” and “dancehall is just booty shake” and “how much weed did you smoke in Jamaica?”.

You don’t have to be black to dance dancehall and u don’t have to smoke weed and you definitely don’t get shot just because your traveling to Kingston. We are just so tired to hear all this things we just wanna dance dance dance and share our love for dancehall, that’s all. Nothing more, nothing less!!

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