Imenella släpper mäktig musikvideo till “Aah shit”

Se även det hyllade uppträdandet på Grammisgalan 2020.



Efter att ha släppt singeln “Aah shit” och förra veckan uppträtt tillsammans med Unruly Gang på Grammisgalan, bjuder Imenella nu på en mäktig musikvideo till ovannämnda singel. Videon är regisserad av Hajan Jabar och själv säger hon:


“Videon är jättevågad och jag tror inte Sverige är redo att se oss kvinnor äga sina kroppar på detta vis. Det var en sjuk ära att jobba med Hajan Jabar, pga att hon är kvinna och fattar oss. Hon fick mig att känna mig bekväm och våga vara mig själv.”


Förra veckan uppträdde hon som sagt också på Grammisgalan – ett uppträdande som fick stående ovationer på plats och nu även går att se i sin helhet nedan.





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It’s been a few days since Grammys I wanted to post this video the same night but I was a wreck and full of emotions . The audience gave as standing ovation and it felt good because we knew we deserved it . I’ve always dreamt of choreographing my shows and to be standing next To The dancers in this performance was something else. They are so talented and hard working and I felt so blessed to work with everybody on that stage. On top of everything I hade my mom and sisters by my side can you imagine how proud this makes me being able to represent my culture with the women that gave me life on Swedish national tv 😰😍♥️ so to my amazing production team @jeanbaptistegroup for being by side lord knows I am a control freak and having you by my side was calming In every way. So @lilltrill for doing my content I was absolutely wowed by the final look 😍 @unrulygangofficial for always being by my side you are the most hard working dancers I know THANK YOU so much. @itsgbb @facineleclipse @benjamin.anderberg @gatowaye @gregcophy you are my brothers for life and thank you for trusting me with this i love you sooooo much 😍. @clvudxvs @vendelablackout I love you so much ♥️ My amazing Somali Gang @nadayussuf @naasrahirsi @fatumayussuf Rubina Fadumao Ladan & Sofia My queens thank you for everything. @lisaanckarman for styling me and I was hella comfortable on stage and of stage thank you sis. @medusaseduceya & @baddibeeyhair I don’t think you even realize how much I love you guys you make me look so perfect on the red carpet and on stage thank you for always being by my side♥️ @adidasoriginals @madladyse I adore you the dancers looked amazing thank you so much. S/o @stressworld for this amazing intro You freaking sang in Somali for me I love you for this. @amrbadr for this killer dance break and song we don’t deserve you ♥️ last but never least thank you @grammissverige for trusting me with this I loved every step of the way. 2020 is about trusting my own visions and doing what I believe in even if it means that other people won’t understand I’m done pleasing others PERIOD ! NELLAGANG thank you for always being by my side @snx ur the best. ♥️ @maliworldent

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Foto: Louise Helmfrid / Efter:Tolv