Mike Tyson avslöjad som en av figurerna i det kommande spelet!

Spelet börjar säljas i Sverige den 17:e mars.

Se trailer!

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Till våren kommer ett nytt efterlängtat UFC-spel till en konsol nära dig! EA SPORTS UFC 2 levererar fem nya spellägen inklusive KO Mode och UFC Ultimate Team, en omarbetad och uppgraderad version av karriärsläget där fansen bland annat kan skapa kvinnliga fighters för första gången i ett officiellt UFC-spel. En annan nyhet är Grapple Assist, ett integrerat visuellt verktyg som hjälper spelarna att genomföra perfekta takedowns, förflyttningar på mattan och submissions. Brian Hayes, Creative Director säger i en pressrelease:

“Oavsett om fansen vill spela kommande matcher, förändra resultatet i redan genomförda matcher eller fightas med eller mot MMA-legendarer, så kommer vi att hjälpa dem på det mest autentiska och spännande sättet någonsin i en MMA-simulation”

Spelet börjar säljas i Sverige den 17:e mars.

Vid förbokning av EA SPORTS UFC 2 medföljer Bas Rutten och Kazushi Sakuraba plus ytterligare en hemlig fighter som kommer att avslöjas vid ett senare tillfälle*. Deluxe edition-versionen av spelet inkluderar upp till 30 UFC Ultimate Team™ Premium Packs. För mer information: http://www.ea.com/se/ufc-2.

Nyheter i spelet:

Knockout Physics System
A revolutionary new physics-driven hit reaction and knockout system delivers more visceral, more rewarding, and more authentic KOs than ever before. Every knockout is now unique, and finishing the fight has never been more satisfying.

Dynamic Grappling
For the first time in any MMA game, experience the freedom of independent fighter control in every grappling situation. Simultaneous two-fighter interaction brings the ground game to life with greater responsiveness and variety.

Next-Level Submissions
Surprise your opponent with a flying armbar from the clinch, or with a quick transition from a knee bar to a heel hook. The addition of standing submissions and submission chaining takes UFC 2’s grappling game to the next level.

Ultimate Defense
You can’t hurt what you can’t hit. Greater control over your fighter’s head movement lets you to slip and dodge incoming strikes with amazing fluidity. Add an improved blocking and parrying system to the mix and you have new tools to fend off your opponent’s most devastating attacks.

Biggest Ever Roster
UFC 2 offers the deepest ever roster of any fighting simulation. Featuring a mix of MMA’s biggest stars and brightest up-and-comers, step into the Octagon as current and former UFC athletes, MMA legends, and maybe even a few surprises.

Ultimate Fighter Likeness & Animations
A new facial modeling rig, the introduction of hair physics, and improved strike deformation work to make every impact more realistic than ever. Thousands of fighting and signature animations bring personality and a new level of athleticism to MMA’s stars.

Career Mode Depth & Authenticity
Whether your goal is to be the top fighter on the planet, or the first female fighter inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, you control your career. The all-new Training Camp system makes preparing for each fight a balancing act between developing your fighter’s abilities and risking an injury. Throughout your journey encounter career-defining moments that will deliver a heightened atmosphere and put more at stake inside the Octagon.

UFC Ultimate Team
Create your team of up to five fighters using UFC 2’s deep customization options. Compete in online or offline competitions to progress your fighters and earn coins that open packs which deliver special items used to sculpt your team into the most explosive in the UFC.