Om du är MMA-entusiast så kommer “EA SPORTS UFC 5” som en underbart tidig julklapp, då nya spelet i serien erbjuder realism som aldrig tidigare samt en rad tekniska innovationer och nya features. Speltillverkaren skriver:

“What makes an MMA fight? It’s the stakes, technique, drama, and pure reality of the moment. UFC 5 captures that in more authentic detail than ever before, from next-generation graphics upgrades that give gameplay animations new life, damage systems that marry the brutality and strategy of the fight game, gameplay updates that make the action feel even more fluid and realistic, and much more.”

För första gången i historien drivs UFC 5 av Frostbite och ett nytt Real Impact System som förvandlar UFC-upplevelsen true-to-sport med intensitet, realism och autentiska skador. Det går att dra på sig 64.000 möjliga ansiktsskador och i spelet påverkas en spelarens fysik och förmåga under hela fighten.

EA SPORTS beskriver vidare nyheterna i den nya upplagan:

  • Cinematic K.O. Replay: Fight-ending finishes are showcased with intensified visuals and enhanced excitement. Presented in super slow motion with cinematic angles and lighting, the impact of highlighting real moments recaptures UFC drama. This is just one of the many exciting additions to UFC 5’s vast presentation features.
  • Seamless Submissions: The premier of the Seamless Submissions mechanic evolves the grappling system with quicker transitions and no mini games to maximize gameplay fluidity. Grapple Assist helps beginners while veterans delve into its depths. Seamless Submissions ensure a smoother, more authentic ground experience for grappling fans.
  • Fight Week: UFC 5 will showcase an updated live service closely connected to the ongoing ebb and flow of the sport’s storylines, introducing features such as Fight Week and Fight Picks linked to real-life UFC events.
  • Online Career Mode: Online Career includes skill-based matchmaking, division progression, and title chases across four divisions. Players can compete with a different Created Fighter in each division, allowing players to showcase multiple character customizations and Vanity Items.
  • Doctor’s Checks and Stoppages: A significant injury can cause the referee to halt the fight for a doctor’s review. Failing to shield the damage can result in a doctor’s stoppage, adding authentic strategic challenges for players under increased pressure.
  • New Strikes and Hit Reactions: New strike animations mimic professional heavy hitters and kickboxers, incorporating varied ground-and-pound elbows, spinning moves, body punches, and calf kicks. Additionally, the hit reaction animations and impact physics enhance player immersion.
  • Alter Egos: Alter Egos presents fresh versions of top fighters, showcasing pivotal career moments, unique appearances, and related skills.

Spelet finns nu tillgängligt nu på PlayStation®5 och Xbox Series X|S.