“I fell in love with the idea of manipulating sound..."

The Recording Academy tillsammans med The Black Music Collective hedrade vid en förgala till Grammy Awards ett antal artister som betytt mycket stor betydelse för musikbranschen. Missy Elliott, Dr. Dre, Lil Wayne och Sylvia Rhone, Epic Records vd, stod som mottagare av årets “Global Impact Awards”. Utmärkelsen grundas på ”personal and professional achievements in the music industry” och delades ut på Hollywood Palladium under veckoslutet.

Dr. Dre hyllades även under själva Grammy Awards-ceremonin och höll ett känsloladdat tal under galan.

“My musical journey started with me wanting to find something that I could be good at simply so I could earn enough money to buy a decent pair of shoes just to be able to wear to school. I was in junior high school the first time I had ever heard hip-hop for the first time. I heard mixing and scratching, and I couldn’t get enough of that sound. And once I got my hands on the turntables, I knew I had found my wings and I was determined to learn how to fly.”

Han fortsatte vidare:

“I fell in love with the idea of manipulating sound and taking those different sounds and putting them together like a puzzle to make a song. I studied engineering for years and years and years, and from there I realized that I could take or hear a snippet of a sound and use that to create something entirely new. And then boom — I became a producer.”

Dr. Dre passade även på att hylla sin Marshall “Eminem” Mathers:

“Eminem brought hip-hop to middle America and offered kids who looked like him the way to connect to it.”

I ett uttalande innan galahelgen sade Recording Academys vd, Harvey Mason Jr:

“I am so thrilled to honor and celebrate these four giants in the music industry. Last year’s inaugural event was such a highlight during GRAMMY Week and now with Dre, Missy, Wayne and Sylvia there to pay tribute to this year, it’s definitely going to be another night to remember. I continue to be proud of the work of our Black Music Collective as it’s a vital part of what we do here at the Academy”.

Förra året var det John Legend, MC Lyte, D-Nice och skivbolaget Love Renaissance som fick ta emot en Global Impact Award.

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Foto: Pepsi/MTV Networks