Mac Miller avliden 26 år gammal – hyllas av branschkollegor



Under fredagskvällen kom nyheten att rapparen Mac Miller tragiskt gått bort, endast 26 år gammal. Orsaken sägs enligt vissa källor vara en överdos. Innan sommaren gjorde han ett uppbrott med flickvännen Ariana Grande, där bland annat missbruk sägs ha varit ett problem i förhållandet, men ska enligt vänner ha mått bra innan dödsbeskedet. Malcolm McCormick föddes i Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1992 och kom att bli en talangfull och hyllad rappare med låtar som “Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza”, “Donald Trump” och “100 Grandkids”. Hans senaste album “Swimming” släpptes för bara en månad sedan.


Nyheten har mötts av stor sorg inom hiphopvärlden, där mängder av kollegor och vänner visat sin sorg och uppskattning. Se några av reaktionerna nedan.























































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Sigh. I remember you pulled up to my studio in 2010 in an old Volvo packed to the rim. You, Treejay, and Q were on tour, just starting out. You went from that old Volvo, to multiple tour buses, sold out concerts, a TV show….everything man. It was amazing to watch you grow. You always treated my Jamla family like your family, and helped anytime you could. It was YOU that was the FIRST rapper to call me and say…”hey man I wanna take Rapsody on tour with me…she’s fire….” in 2011. Always smiling when I saw you, always love, always good energy, always showing respect……..Always Hip-Hop. Today is a sad day man….a very sad day. Rest Easy Mac Miller….. Gone too soon, lil bro. Love you always. #MostDope

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Such a genuine person. Brilliant sense of humor. A true artist. Your spirit is what impressed me the most. The energy you brought to any space you were in. Contagious. You reached out to me at times when others didn’t. You were human. And we shared the same disease. A disease that is out to kill us, and when left untreated eventually will. I’m shaken. Shaken that someone who had such a light can be taken from this world so easily. It could have been me too many times to count. On the surface people that appear to have it all, are not exempt from the gravity and cunning nature of this disease. If you’re in the midst of addiction tell someone what’s going on. Don’t be a secret. Go to a 12 step meeting. Introduce yourself and you’ll be greeted with love and understanding from people that are fighting the same battle. Surrender. There are many paths, but it’s the only thing that has worked for me. I’m scared. Scared of how real this all is. Life and death. Beyond sad. Such a beautiful soul. Sending love to family, friends and everyone whose life was better because of your presence on this earth. Rest In Peace Mac 💔

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