Det har gått tio dagar sedan Kid Cudi släppte nya albumet “INSANO”, med gästartister som Travis Scott, A$AP Rocky, Lil Yachty, XXXTENTACION och många fler. Under det gångna veckoslutet blev Cudder intervjuad av Zane Lowe på Apple Music. I intervjun berättade han om processen bakom albumet – och avslöjade att Kendrick Lamar spelat en stor roll vad gäller inspiration:

“I was still in this place trying to figure out what that album would sound like. And I was in Paris, I just finished my European Runner tour, and I go to see Kendrick. And this motherfucker, it blew my mind. I’m sitting there, I’m watching the crowd reaction from the beginning of the show to the end of the show. People were in it, party mode, singing every fucking word. Not saying this doesn’t happen at my shows, because it does. But all the way through, I don’t have that experience. You know what I mean? And it’s like I had this moment where I was like, “You know what? This is the reaction I want. I want people to feel good and it to be a joyous occasion when I’m performing.” So I took that, the inspiration from Kendrick’s show, and Kendrick has always been my top three artists in the world.”

Kid Cudi fortsätter berätta om K.Dot:

“I’m actually so proud of the record that we have. We got one record, Solo Dolo, Part II. You know what I mean? So proud of it. So I took that inspiration, got to the studio and said, “Let’s fucking get to work. We need to make something with some energy. I’m happy. I’m in a better place in my life. I’m never made an album in this type of mode before. Let’s see what comes out of that.” So the album was truly designed for arenas for the live show.”

I intervjun berättar Cudi även vidare om relation till omdiskuterade Kanye West:

“I had this moment to think about the past and the journey that I’ve had with this person and I know that in his soul there is a good man there because I’ve seen it and you don’t give up on people. He’s learning and he’s growing. He knows he made some mistakes and I think that that’s the beauty of it, is this is a beautiful thing. It’s like he knows he’s been on one hell of a ride and he knows, he’s said some things that he might not be able to come back from in a lot of realms, in a lot of spaces from certain people. But we grow and I think I pray for him, and that’s my brother. And the reason why we became cool again is because he apologised to me and it was sincere. I was just like, wow. Kanye does not apologise to anybody and say sorry to anyone. And that’s my brother, man. I know he loves me and there’s just nothing like Kanye and Cudi. We like the duo that everybody loves to see.”

Rapparen och kreatören närmar sig 40-årsstrecket vilket han reflekterar kring:

“I feel great. It’s like most people my age are afraid to tell their age. But I have found from experience that time gives me wisdom, and growth, and maturity. And when I think about my twenties, I would not want to live that over again. I would never want to go through that. And based on my experience, the older I’ve gotten, the better my life has. I just feel really good about being where I’m at. Being 40, I didn’t even know I would get here. I feel really blessed, man. It’s kind of crazy to know that I went through that hell. I didn’t see any way out of it at that time. I didn’t think…”