Efter att ha kritiserat medier för att vara "anti-black".

En av årets mer oväntade beefs är ett faktum. Efter att radioprofilen Charlamagne Tha God utsett Lakeith Stanfield till “Donkey of the Day” (ett segment i programmet The Breakfast Club) för att ha kritiserat sagda program fick den 28-åriga skådespelaren nog och plockade upp micken. Resultatett blev disslåten “Automatic” som nu har släppts.

Dispyten började när “Atlanta”-skådisen pekade ut The Breakfast Club och ett par andra medier för att vara “anti-black”. I ett numera raderat Instagram-inlägg gick han till hård kritik mot den populära radioshowen samt The Shade Room, Lipstick Alley och WorldStarHiphHop.

“It’s a fact that a lot of these platforms are usually or tend to be feeding grounds for negative reinforcement toward BLACK ‘nonconformists. They bolster faux vanity and hold a white supremacists scope over black men and women often highlighting negative attributes and downplaying mind expanding ones. They serve as bottomless coward consumption pits and digital, audio, or otherwise slave mentatilty museums. @ all you want”, skrev han då.

Charlamagne svarade som sagt med att utse Stanfield till “Donkey of the Day” och sa:

“You can say any and everything about me. I’ve damn near heard it all about myself online, but what you won’t do is ever fix your lips to call one of my platforms, especially The Breakfast Club, anti-black … I don’t know what the hell Lakeith Stanfield is talking about, but I do know myself, Charlamagne Tha God, in the nine years that I’ve been on this Breakfast Club, I strive every day to be the perfect balance of ratchetness and righteousness, alright. There isn’t another show out there that goes from Byron Allen to Blac Youngsta like it’s nothing.”

“Lakeith Stanfield, don’t you ever fix your raggedy-ass mouth to call the author of Black Privilege — because I truly believe it is a privilege to be black — anti-black, OK? Ask all those white people who call up every day complaining about me saying ‘cracka ass cracka’ or ‘mayonnaise’ or why everything gotta be black or white.”

“Ask them if I’m anti-black. Don’t ever fix your mouth to call a brother like me anti-black because young king, I know for a fact you don’t take the chances that I do every day in the name of blackness. That’s exactly why you didn’t call out any white media outlets, because your publicist, your agent and those Hollywood executives you work for would have had a fit. You would’ve never taken that chance.”

Lyssna på Stanfields diss nedan där han bland annat rappar:

“I’m black, I’m Atlanta, I’m the Hall of Fame/Insecure, you afraid, you’s a Charlagmagne/Bitch, that pussy shit that runs yo lips I’m born to trip/I’m mixing up my blood with drugs and guns and gangsta Crip”

Foto: Nick Cio (Charlamagne Tha God) / Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons (Lakeith Stanfield)