Musikern och producenten Robert Glasper är aktuell med nya projektet “Black Radio III: Supreme Edition” som släpps på fredag. På deluxe-versionen av albumet från februari 2022, finns ett samarbete med Mac Miller inkluderat. Complex citerar en intervju med Glasper från Apple Music 1 med Zane Lowe:

“I was in another studio session and he called me one night like ‘What are you doing?’ And I said ‘Actually man, I’m in the studio.’ He said ‘Man, I’m in the lab too… I need to be inspired. Send me something!’ I was like ‘Word, ok.’”

Glasper berättar vidare om samarbetet med Mac Miller:

“I just sent him the track I was working on and he literally sent that joint back in like 45 minutes to an hour. The whole song was done in 45 minutes to an hour. He was always like that, he always wanted to work. Few times he came and sat in with me, some of my shows, always talking about music. He just really lived off music. Music was literally his air. Gonna miss that dude.”