New Black gör kollektion med Noomi Rapace



Det svenska klädmärket New Black släpper i dagarna en ny klädeskollektion med skådespelerskan Noomi Rapace. Plaggen är inspirerade av sportswear, leopardfläckar, resande och Noomi själv. Historien bakom samarbetet förtäljer New Black i ett pressmeddelande:


“On a hot summer day in 2012, we met Noomi for the first time. We had just got our first office space – a small room in the back of a basement on Södermalm, Stockholm. Noomi came by with her son to pick up some clothes, and we instantly clicked. As time passed, we became good friends and talks of doing a creative collaboration started. Five years and late nights of drinking, long dinners, endless texting, face time calls and a lot of laughs later, we are about to launch our collaborative collection. Nowadays, when most collaborations are strictly business and all about money, we are happy to present something that is based on real friendship. After all, all that we got is us.”



Kollektionen släpps 20:e maj på New Black store, och utvalda affärer.