Princess Nokia till Sverige våren 2020



New York-rapparen Princess Nokia färdigställer under vintern nytt album som väntas släppas till våren 2020. Till NME säger hon följande om projektet:


“I’ve got a hip-hop and soul record coming out, and it’s incredible. It’s probably my best work I’ve ever made so far, which will only last ‘til the next one after that.It’s a really well composed, thought-out brilliantly musical project. I go back to hip-hop, acoustic, R’nB, soul, and there’s some Latin music on it. These lyrics are from the pages of my diary. It’s the diary of a young girl going through heartbreak, loss, betrayal, fame, insecurities, doubt, boundaries, self-care, and more than anything, healing. Healing as a young girl at the start of womanhood. Healing and being honest with everything that I’m feeling and experiencing, and bringing it into poetic light and making it very powerful. I know that it’s going to make a lot of women cry. This is just a little taste of it.”



I vår återvänder hon även till Stockholm för spelning den 10:e mars på Vasateatern. Biljetter här!



Se videon till singeln “Balenciaga” här: