Young Buck hotar att ödelägga 50 Cents karriär efter nytt bråk

“I’ll burn your career down.”



50 Cent och Young Buck har en lång historia av både partnerskap och gräl. Sedan tiden med G-Unit har rapparna åtskilliga gånger dissat och attackerat varandra. Nu har beefen återigen satt igång efter att Fifty under onsdagen postade ett sarkastiskt inlägg om Young Bucks nya album.


“Young Buck is almost ready to drop his album. He worked hard on this project. I told him his personal choice to date a tran sexual [sic] will confuse some of his core audience but with the support of the LGBT he should be fine […]”


50 Cent refererar till Bucks påstådda sexuella relation med en transperson, vilket han flera gånger nekat till. Inlägget, som nu är borttaget, gjorde att Young Buck gick ut på Instagram Live för att vädra sin frustration.


“You’re trying to sabotage me, pull my music down, send cease-and-desists everywhere, put up little posts and jokes for laughs while you do weak ass shit behind my back and try to keep me tied to a contract. If you such a real n***a, why don’t you let me go? You understand? And we’ll fight the battle like that. Whatchu scared for, sucka? Line me up like Ja Rule, n***a. Go bar-for-bar with me, n***a. Play that game. You scared? You wanna do sucka shit. You ain’t gonna get away from me though.”


Buck fortsatte att hota med att så fort han kommit ur sitt kontrakt med G-Unit så skulle han avslöja saker som skulle ödelägga 50 Cents karriär.


“We gonna tell them the truth if we’re gonna play this game. We ain’t gonna sit here and do this. Tell ’em what you’re really doing. Tell ’em you got your panties in a bunch ’cause I’m tryin’ to move forward with my own career. We not gonna talk about all the other shit, unless you want to. Understand what I’m sayin’? […] We gon’ get real. I can blow your shit up, n**ga. For real, for real. I’ll burn your career down. I’ll Ja Rule you.”