Brooklyn-rapparen och skådespelaren Yasiin Bey (tidigare känd som Mos Def) skapade stora rubriker när han uttalade sig om att Drake gör popmusik. Kommentarerna fick stor spridning på sociala medier.

På måndagen gick den 50-åriga rapparen ut på Instagram Live för att förtydliga sina uttalanden, och möjligtvis sträcka ut en hand till Drake i en nästan 25 minuter lång video:

“First of all, I don’t hate anyone. My opinion is mine. It’s legal in all states, as far as I’m aware. It was not an opportunity to try to slander him, or to clown on him. I have reached out to him, I have no responses yet. I’m not keen to talk about people or to them through a screen, I prefer to talk to people directly. But I will say this. The young man is very talented, he’s been able to be very successful with that talent, and I have no issue with his success or anything that he’s been able to achieve as a result of his talent.”

Yasiin Bey vill också vara tydlig med att ta avstånd från hatet och kritiken som riktats mot Drake:

“I do feel that some of the criticism that he’s received in the past has been mean-spirited or unfair. So I don’t want to participate in that. I’ve never had no issue with you personally, I don’t know you well enough to have any sort of issue with you in that regard. Nonetheless, it’s not sacrilegious to have a critique or opinion of a public figure, particularly one of that magnitude in current, modern culture.”

Han förklarar vidare att Drake är välkommen att ta kontakt med honom när han vill och förtydligar att hans åsikt endast är en personlig preferens. Han fortsätter förklara:

“Drake, if you would like to speak to me directly, you can at any point. I reached out to Chappelle, asked him to reach out to you. I DMed you. You are a very talented MC. But for me, I require more of myself and others than just talent or charm or charisma—particularly in times of urgent crisis.”

Mighty Mos avslutar sitt resonemang och säger:

“And what I would like to see, in terms of creators or creative people in the world as it relates to our culture, is for people to connect with us beyond the jukebox. Or the dancefloor. A fairweather friend can hardly be called a friend at all. The people that party with you, that’s cool but will they show up if you at the triage, or you in a crisis situation?”

Foto: ONE Music Fest / YouTube