Pharrell om Kendrick Lamar: “One of the Greatest Writers of Our Times”



Pharrell Williams är den senaste i raden att hylla Kendrick Lamar i kölvattnet av det nya, högst efterlängtade, albumet “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers”. Producenten får visserligen anses vara något färgad med tanke på att han jobbade med Kendrick på albumet, men det gör inte hans ord mindre sanna.


I en intervju med Zane Lowe på Apple Music 1 hyllar han honom för sitt textförfattande och kallar honom “one of the greatest writers of our times”.


“Kendrick is one of the greatest writers of our times, and he is a great writer because he knows how to be very disciplined with a subject matter. He knows that stickiness is important, and he knows that it has to feel great. So when we were making Mr. Morale, I watched the rhythms hit him and I watched it just bubble to the surface, whatever the song was making him feel, and I watched him commit to that, and I watched him stay disciplined”, säger han och fortsätter:


“He’s different. In terms of this album, this whole body of work, there’s a whole lot of conversations that not only we as Black men but just men, period, and even other matters, just humans needed to talk about. It was like nobody was really saying it, and if they were, they weren’t really saying it in a cohesive way, and he just raised his hand and said, ‘I’ll do it.’ This album’s going to be medicine to a lot of people.”


The Neptunes-veteranen medverkade som producent och textförfattare på albumspåret “Mr. Morale”. Se intervjun nedan och lyssna på Pharrells senaste singel med Tyler, the Creator och 21 Savage.







Foto: Pressbild/YouTube