Wu-Tang Clan-kollegor minns Ol Dirty Bastard på 10-årsdagen för hans bortgång



Kingsize uppmärksammade tidigare i dag via Instagram att det är på dagen tio år sedan Ol Dirty Bastards för tidiga bortgång. Wu-Tang Clan-ikonen som under sin karriär gjorde tydliga avtryck inom hiphopvärlden minns av sina närmaste. Dock skriver HiphopDX.com att ODB:s fru Icelene Jones är besviken över det faktum att intresset från etablerade artister att sätta ihop ett hyllningsevent varit svalt.


“This is the 10-year anniversary and we were supposed to have a big thing in New York. We wanted to do different things but got no support, no money to make it happen. It’s just sad. Everybody else is making money except for us. We don’t have any help, we don’t have any support. Everybody who helps us gave up.”



Wu-Tang Clan-kollegorna och hans son Young Dirty Bastard minns ODB från den ljusa sidan:


“I think as a rapper, if you look at Hip Hop before him and Hip Hop after him, you’ll see that he inspired a generation,”



“He’d spit the dirtiest, stinkin’ lyrics at you that’s official. That kinda opened up the door for other artists with the same kind of personality to be accepted in the business and in the industry because of how he got down…”


“People just be making one movie about a person. In this movie I kind of want to transform him into a real black superhero that had powers. His ability was to rap but he has strength. But when he raps on the stage I want all the people to feel that energy. I want people to understand that he was more than just a rapper. He was for the universe. He was for the reform of different nations.”

Young Dirty Bastard