Redan i oktober gjorde Stormzy återkomst med ny musik efter ett par års tystnad, med den uppmärksammade singeln “Mel Made Me Do It”. Nu på fredag släpps så äntligen London-rapparens tredje albumprojekt, “This Is What I Mean”, via Def Jam och Interscope Records. Under natten mot onsdag avslöjade Stormzy både låtlista och medverkande artister på det nya albumet. Listan över gästartister och musiker är följande:

George Moore, Knox Brown, Ayanna, Oxlade, Dion “Chord Lord” Wardle, Scribz Riley, KZ, Tempoe, India.Arie, Ms Banks, Owen Cutts, Ayra Starr, Juls, Joel Peters, Calum Landau, Amaarae, Tendai, Storry, Teni, Nao, Grades, Debbie, Elmiene, Jacob Collier, Sampha, Black Sherif, och P2J.

I ett uttalande om inspelningsprocessen av albumet har Stormzy tidigare berättat följande:

“When you hear about music camps, they always sound intense and somber. People saying: ‘We need to make an album.’ ‘We need to make some hit records.’ But this felt beautifully free. We’re all musicians, but we weren’t always doing music. Some days we played football or walked around taking pictures. And the bi-product [sic] to that was very beautiful music. Because when you marry that ethos with world-class musicians and the best producers, writers, and artists in the world, and we’re in one space, that’s a recipe for something that no one can really imagine. You can’t even calculate what that’s going to come up with. And it came up with a big chunk of this album.”

Låtlista “This Is What I Mean”:

  1. “Fire + Water”
  2. “This Is What I Mean”
  3. “FireBabe”
  4. “Please”
  5. “Need You”
  6. “Hide & Seek”
  7. “My Presidents Are Black”
  8. “Sampha’s Plea”
  9. “Holy Spirit”
  10. “Bad Blood”
  11. “I Got My Smile Back”
  12. “Give It to the Water”

Foto: Press / Def Jam UK