The Bawse is back. Rick Ross fortsätter på ett välbekant spår och meddelar att hans rikedomar är större än någonsin, med nya albumet “Richer Than I’ve Ever Been”. Albumet gästas av Benny the Butcher, The-Dream, Wale, Future, Yungeen Ace, Major Nine, 21 Savage, Jazmine Sullivan, Wiz Khalifa, DreamDoll med flera. I en ny intervju med Complex blickar Rozay bakåt på den påverkan hans musik haft på branschen:

“What I know I’ve done on a personal level was just show motherfuckers how to do it, and to do it yourself. I came from Miami. I ain’t have no big producer. We put in the work and went around, city to city, and put together a fucking database of the best producers, regardless of how big they was. We created a sound. When it comes to that luxurious shit, it’s nobody whose name is going to come before mine. And that’s coming from the pianos to the harmonies, the flows, the John Legend collaborations.”

Ambitionen med nya albumet är, enligt Ross, att inspirera och ta ännu fler steg mot att nå framgång inom musiken och affärsvärlden:

“That’s the game for 2022. Everybody leaves invigorated with a whole motherfucking drive to push for you and spread the love to the next tier. That’s how big boys do it. I got 120 cars, but what the fuck else can I get? I got a $3 million watch, but what else the fuck I need? Everything else got to be big boy shit, too. We got to buy a piece of the Heat. Give me three years, and I’ll be able to do it.”