Reverie aktuell med nya albumet “Satori”



Los Angeles-MC:n Reverie släppte i samband med påskhelgen sitt tionde album/mixtape-projekt med titeln “Satori”. I ett inlägg i sociala medier beskriver Reverie bakgrunden till albumtiteln:


“When you’re little, & you play on the playground- that moment is all that exists. You don’t think about getting picked up, you don’t think about homework, don’t think about the chores you’ll do when you get home, you don’t think about anything but having fun & enjoying that moment.
As we get older, we lose that ability. We are so consumed by life & all of its struggles & responsibilities & obligations.
But all that REALLY exists is the NOW.
#SATORI is that very moment in life when you are here, now, alive & living where you are standing- not thinking about later or earlier. Not thinking at all- just BEING. Being here, feeling the breeze caress your face, feeling your hands rubbing against each other, feeling the air go in & out of your lungs, actually feeling your throat close in & get wet with your saliva as you swallow your spit, feeling your eyelids lightly blink against each other, looking at the leaves on the tree dance & noticing how many beautiful different shades of green they are when you used to only notice it was green, really appreciating all the different colors in the sunset, appreciating what is in front of you instead of ignoring it to imagine another time.
I used to dwell on my past & punish myself with regret. I used to think about the future so much, that I would get anxious about imagining never being able to mold it exactly the way I wanted to.
Up until my 26th year of life, I never really knew what the phrase “LIVE IN THE MOMENT” really meant. Now I do.
It is SATORI.”