Murs och Slug aktuella med nya albumet “Felt 4 U”



Det har gått hela elva år sedan Murs och Slug släppte albumet “Felt 3: A Tribute To Rosie Perez”, med produktion av Aesop Rock. Dessförinnan hade det även blivit två volymer av projektet; “Felt 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet” (2005) med produktion av Ant och “Felt: A Tribute to Christina Ricci” (2002) med Grouch bakom spakarna.



I fredags bjöd så Rhymesayers på en rejäl överraskning när Murs, Slug och Ant släppte nya projektet “Felt 4 U”. Skivan beskrivs i ett pressutskick:

“That journey brings us to 2020, where a LOT has changed, including for Murs and Slug themselves in both their personal and professional lives. Their careers have continued to elevate and their families have continued to grow. This fourth album is something of a reflection of those changes, starting with the title of the project itself. Felt 4 U seemed the simplest, most direct way of saluting the fanbase that has made Felt what they are, a thank you to the dedicated; as well as moving away from the perhaps more male gaze-feel of the previous titles.”



Vidare beskrivs inspelningsprocessen av albumet:


“The three of them had a house in Minneapolis devoted to working on the album, with Slug and Murs taking over a floor each, while Ant floated between the two offering them guidance. As opposed to providing a bunch of beats for the two rappers to choose from, Ant would steer them towards the ones he thought were a good fit and then the three would work on them together. This means that while you can obviously hear Murs and Slug’s personalities on the record, it is Ant’s that is the main thread.”



På skivan finns ett antal väl utvalda gäster såsom tidigare nämnda The Grouch och Aesop Rock på låten “Hologram” och på “Underwater” hörs rapparen Blimes. Även Blueprint gästar under sitt alter-ego, Shepard Albertson, på “Crimson Skies”.