Nya albumet gästas av Anderson .Paak, Usher, DJ Khaled och Dave East.

Inför söndagens halvtidsuppträdande på Super Bowl passar r&b-ikonen Mary J. Blige på att släppa nytt albumprojekt. Skivan blir hennes femtonde album i ordningen, men det första på egna skivbolagsetiketten Mary Jane Productoions. På skivan får hon hjälp av Anderson .Paak, Usher, Fivio Foreign, DJ Khaled och Dave East. I en intervju med USA Today berättar Mary att hon är på en bättre plats mentalt och fysiskt än någonsin tidigare:

“Without my health, I can’t be Mary J. the artist, the entrepreneur. You have to know that your health is your wealth and make it your priority. As women, we do so much. We take care of the world – our friends, our family, husbands – and we’re always on the move. If I have a health appointment, I don’t leave that out (of my schedule). I make my health my priority in my life.”

“You learn that if you don’t love yourself or encourage yourself or grow in a positive direction, you’ll be stuck – and that hurts more than anything. To get older and not get wiser would be more painful that anything. I still have a lot to go and I’m growing still, but I’m enjoying moving forward.”

Mary J. Blige kommenterar även det stundande Super Bowl-uppträdandet med Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg och Kendrick Lamar:

“Dre is the one who called us all to be part of this moment and it’s an honor because we love and respect him so much. Everyone (in the lineup) is an artist that Dre produced or wrote for or has a connection. You get that call and you’re like, ‘What do you want me to do and I’m there.’ And if he gives you two or three minutes of Super Bowl time … wow. I appreciate the offer and I’ve earned the right to be anywhere that amazing. I’m going to be a team player and let them know, thank you for recognizing my talent.”