Kendrick Lamar om ansvaret mot lyssnarna: ”I’m the closest thing to a preacher they have”

Compton-rapparen i sin första intervju efter överraskningssläppet av ”To Pimp A Butterfly”.



Nyheterna om Kendrick Lamar har de senaste veckorna sköljt över varandra. Senast igår fick vi veta att Kendrick slagit Drakes Spotify-rekord länk med hästlängder. Hela 9,6 miljoner gånger ska nya skivan ha streamats under första dygnet. I en färsk intervju med ”The New York Times” pratar K.Dot bland annat om sina fans och om hur hiphop ser ut idag.



“[For many fans], I’m the closest thing to a preacher that they have. I know that from being on tour — kids are living by my music. My word will never be as strong as God’s word. All I am is just a vessel, doing his work.”



Han pratar även om ”tillståndet” för hiphop som råder idag.


“You know the songs that are out — we all love these songs. They sell a lot of singles and make these record labels a lot of money. But those ‘really living’ in the streets don’t want to hear boasts about murder and drug dealing. They want to get away from that. If it comes across as just a game all the time, the kids are going to think it’s just a game. From my perspective, I can only give you the good with the bad. It’s bigger than a responsibility, it’s a calling.”



K.Dot förklarade även tanken bakom skivomslaget.


“Taking the same things that people call bad and bringing them with me to the next level, whether it’s around the world or to the Grammys or the White House. You can’t change where I come from or who I care about.”



Att ”To Pimp A Butterfly” skulle vara en “politisk skiva” vore att underskatta den, menar Lamar.


It’s a record full of strength and courage and honesty. [But also] growth and acknowledgment and denial. “I want you to get angry — I want you to get happy. I want you to feel disgusted. I want you to feel uncomfortable.”



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// Leah Deriba