J.Cole avslöjar låtlistan till kommande albumet “2014 Forest Hills Drive”



J.Cole meddelade nyligen att han släpper nytt album efter succéskivan “Born Sinner” från förra året. Den 9:e december släpper North Carolina-rapparen nya “2014 Forest Hills Drive”, en skiva som bygger vidare på hans förkärlek till hemkvarteren i sydstaterna. Under Thanksgiving-helgen i USA bjöd Cole på ytterligare om nya skivan i form av låtlistan. Se låtlistan nedan som av allt att döma ej innehåller några gästartister.



Låtlista “2014 Forest Hills Drive”:

01. Intro
02. January 28th
03. Wet Dreamz
04. 03′ Adolescence
05. A Tale Of 2 Citiez
06. Fire Squad
07. St. Tropez
08. G.O.M.D.
09. No Role Modelz
10. Hello
11. Apparently
12. Love Yourz
13. Note To Self



I en intervju med Complex och dess december/januari-nummer berättar J.Cole om kärleken kopplad till hemstaden:

I guess because I’m interested. I became more conscious of that with this album. That’s what Hollywood represents versus 2014 Forest Hills Drive, which is home. Home is wherever the authentic, unconditional love is. The fake shit, the synthesized love, is Hollywood. I ran from Fayetteville to New York, from New York to everywhere, ultimately looking for what? For love—respect and love from my peers, love from the fans, love from the critics. I’ve learned that none of that shit is real. I appreciate it, it’s extra love, but it can and should only help and add to the real pot of love. It should not substitute. “Artists” that go to Hollywood and live their lives for the cameras, the attention, they’re supplementing for their lack of love, their holes. Those people—and maybe myself included—are ultimately running away from the place where the real love exists, because maybe it’s too painful, maybe it wasn’t the type of love that they needed, or it was void there. There was no father, there was no support. Wanting to be a movie star, wanting to be a rap star, wanting to have jewelry, wanting to have girls, and wanting to have money, all that shit is just trying to plug those holes. It’s dangerous because it’s not real.



Se även ett videoklipp från Fader där Cole talar om betydelsen av fansen: