Chicago-rapparen Philmore Greene och Detroit-producenten Apollo Brown har slagit sina påsar ihop för nya albumprojektet “Cost of Living”. Skivan handlar i stora delar om att reflektera över tillvaron och den väg vi väljer att gå i livet. Skivan har blott två gäster i form av Los Angeles-baserade rapparen/producenten Evidence (Dilated Peoples) och Chicago-baserade rapparen/producenten Rashid Hadee. I ett pressutskick beskrivs albumet och dess ambition att anknyta till den stolta hiphoptraditionen som finns i Chicago.

“The themes are nothing less than life and death. A lifestyle of endemic poverty, opportunities denied and dreams deferred. With a roll of the dice you can receive death, prison, or a path out. As the scratched vocals of Common echo on the hook to “Steep Life:” “rappers and hoopers, we strive to be like.” Greene is all too aware of reality. Like the former Common Sense before him, he has created a canon of morals and integrity that eschews sanctimony. The testimony of someone who has seen dope runners and villains, broken passions and cold-blooded betrayals, the consequences that can befall you in the concrete jungle if you’re not careful (or even if you are).”

Apollo Brown & Philmore Greene släpper albumet “Cost Of Living” 15 november 2022 via Mello Music Group.