Cypress Hill har släppt nytt album – med producenten Black Milk



I höstas var det hela 30 år sedan den legendariska gruppen Cypress Hill släppte debutalbumet. Nu är B-Real och Sen Dog tillbaka med gruppens tionde studioalbum, “Back In Black”, som spelats in med Detroit-producenten Black Milk. På skivan gästar Demrick och Dizzy Wright. B-Real berättar om projektet ett pressutskick:

“If you’re making music, you don’t just want to make one song.” “You want to make an album to show people like your skillset, your versatility, and to capture their minds. You can do that with one song, but an album is a journey. You have to take the trip. We were always fond of taking people on a journey, the rollercoaster ride, if you will, and you can only do that with an album.”



Sen Dog säger vidare:


“This album is a return to our roots. We were proud hip-hoppers back in the day and we’ve gone through it all. We’re proud to be part of the hip-hop industry. Doing a straight hip-hop joint was the way to go.”







Foto: Eitah Miskevich / Press