Angel Haze albumaktuell med “Back To The Woods” – lyssna här!



För bara ett par veckor sedan besökte Angel Haze våra breddgrader för två spelningar i Stockholm och Malmö. Konsertbesökare kunde då höra glimtar av hennes nyinspelningar från färska albumet “Back To The Woods” som släpps idag, rakt igenom producerad av Tk Kayembe.


I en färsk intervju med Billboard berättar nu Angel hur hennes inställda spelning på Bråvalla Festival i somras de facto påverkade valet av albumtitel:


“When I started to make the record, I was really lost, whether that was emotionally, mentally, spiritually — everything was gone. When Tk and I did it, we would sit down because I’d be crying or I’d just done a million drugs and was going crazy and saying, “I need to express myself, I need to say this.” What I didn’t know was that while I was expressing myself, and I was doing it almost in a way that I was on autopilot, I was also stacking up Greece and I was supposed to go to Sweden to play a festival and I had a flight to D.C., which is… I consider Springfield, Virginia to be most home to me than anywhere I’ve ever been. It’s the first time I ever had a house, it’s the first time I ever lived in a house, so it’s the only place I can call a home. It’s where I used to sleep. Since I pretty much started rapping at 19, I hadn’t been back to Virginia and it was f—king crazy. When I got there, my flight was delayed, but the airline gave my tickets away, it was crazy. It was a whole situation. Basically, I ended up being stuck in D.C. about 15 minutes away from where I used to live. And so I was freaking out like, what the f—k is going on? I’m not supposed to be here, this is crazy. So I just kept pressuring Tk to come to the woods with me, and I was like let me just take you to where I’m from, where I grew up. So we went, and there’s a video of me there on my Instagram and I’m like, with a friend and on top of this rock I spray-painted and would sleep. And then I was like, wow, for the first time in my life, I realize that I do have a connection here on earth…”



Läs intervjun i sin helhet HÄR och lyssna på albumet via Soundcloud nedan!