Nintendo-klassikern Super Mario firar 35 år och lanserar då ett samarbete med PUMA. Bland produkterna finns Super Mario 64 Future Rider, Super Mario Galaxy RS-Fast, Super Mario Sunshine Clyde och Super Mario Sunshine RS-Dreamer.

“When it comes to dreaming, Nintendo takes first place. Name a bigger legend than the red-hat-rocking, bad-guy-stopping Mario™ – you can’t. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Nintendo to bring you the RS-Dreamer Super Mario Sunshine™. They’re court ready with PUMA Hoops tech like, ProFoam and high-abrasion rubber, and feature Super Mario Sunshine™ design straight out of the tropical Isle Delfino. Put up video-game numbers while paying tribute to one of the biggest dreamers in the world. Never sleeping. Always dreaming. The game is never over.”

PUMA x Nintendo Super Mario-kollektion finns online och i butik från 27:e november.