Festivalen kan nu presentera den jamaicanska legendaren Sister Nancy som kommer tillsammans med fantastiska ”Roots Harmonics Band”.

Och så klart blir det mer skandinavisk reggae som Slag Från Hjärtat, Serengeti, Nico D, Fastpoholmen, Amsie Brown, Ham Der Hasse o ch Gilli.

Även schemat släpps inom kort. Håll koll på hemsidan

Kom till Refshaleøen, Köpenhamn den 29-30 augusti och ta del av go vibb och  bra musik.

Sister Nancy (JA)

Sister Nancy is one of the best known names from the dancehall era of the 80’s. Her best known song is the classic reggae anthem “Bam Bam” which has been remixed countless times, latest by Stylo G. Expect original rubabdub stylee on stage with Sister Nancy and Roots Harmonics Band at Scandinavia Reggae Festival the 29-30th of August in Copenhagen!

Amsie Brown & King Fari Band (SWE)

The versatile reggae artist from Uppsala has been part of the Swedish reggae scene for quite a while but have only recently even started releasing material in Swedish. He has relesed songs like “Ta Mig Tillbaka” and “Min Kvinna”, and “Krigar Själ”. Recently he released big tunes like “Lights Up One” and “Älskad” alongside Swedish reggae queen Syster Sol, and is also on the Swedish rap group Labyrints latest hit “Chilla Lide “. Amsie is currently working on his debut album, so keep an eye out for one of Sweden’s most interesting artists this summer on Scandinavia Reggae Festival with Labyrint and King Fari Band!

Serengeti & Empress Union Band (SWE)

The reggae/dancehall group from Gothenburg, formed in 2008 by Zany Lou and True and has toured a lot in both Sweden and around Europe the last years. In 2009 they released their first official single “Walk With An Empress” and the single received widespread attention around the world. Recently they released their second album “Rebellious Hearts” with the hits “Keep On Keepin” and “I am the one” and the album features artists like Syster Sol, Etzia, Lutan Fyah and Agent Sasco! Serengeti comes to Scandinavia Reggae Festival with their backingband “Empress Union Band” and we can guarantee that it will be a show you will never forget!

Slag Från Hjärtat (SWE)

Slag Från Hjärtat are a nine piece roots reggae band from Stockholm celebrating their tenth year anniversary this year. They have gathered a following in Sweden due to their engaging lyrics, their heavy roots sound and energetic live shows and not least, extensive touring all over Sweden. In their own words “We play heavy and lively roots reggae to get the crowd dance and feel love and joy!” We welcome Slag Från Hjärtat to Denmark and Scandinavia Reggae Festival’s Main Stage on Saturday the 30th of August!

Fastpoholmen (DK/SWE)

Fastpoholmen are going to play every Scandinavia Reggae Festival. Last year’s premier festival, this year, next year, every year. We simply love them. There will be no Scandinavia Reggae Festival without Fastpoholmen. Check out their latest release the Ep “Mumin” to get a glimpse of their music. Rare! Music! Vibes!