Boi-1da skapar musiken till ny TV-serie – se trailer här!



Nyligen hade sci-fi/hiphop-serien “Utopia Falls” premiär i Nordamerika på kanalen HULU, där den hyllade och prisade producenten Boi-1da står bakom musiken i samtliga avsnitt. Under senaste årtiondet har Boi-1da som bekant skapat hitlåtar åt Drake, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem med flera. Han hoppade på det nya TV-serieprojektet med vetskapen att den Torontobaserade regissören R.T. Thorne skapat musikvideos åt bland annat Sean Paul, Kardinal Offishall och Snoop Dogg. I en intervju med Complex kommenterar Boi-1da projektet:


“At this point in time in my career, it means a lot [to work on the show] because it feels like I’ve accomplished a lot of things within the music itself.  So I’m just right now trying to have fun, go a little bit outside of the box, and keep my mind wandering and just challenge myself.”



Serien består av 10 timmeslånga avsnitt och handlingen är enligt sajten enligt följande:


“Set 300 years in the future, the 10-episode first season is set in New Babyl, a city largely disconnected from our present 21st century reality. It focuses on a talented group of young performing teenagers recruited from the city’s various sectors who are selected to perform in a competition called The Exemplar. However, when some of the teenagers stumble on a hidden bunker featuring a talking repository of knowledge called The Archive (inimitably voiced by none other than Snoop Dogg), the group become exposed to hip-hop’s history of powerful beats and messages, leading them to question their beliefs and the nature of their existence.”



Regissören R.T Thorne beskriver vidare den tydliga hiphop-kopplingen i serien:


“I grew up with hip-hop. It was like everything to me, it was my entry into the film world through music videos. So, it was really about projecting that culture into the future and what it would it look like…”




Serien kan komma att visas i Sverige på Amazon Prime, men detta är i dagsläget obekräftat.