Basketspelet NBA2K16 har fått en spikat releasedatum till 29:e september och lanseras samtidigt med en rad nyheter. Bland annat kommer ett helt nytt My Career-läge som regisserats av ingen mindre än Spike Lee. Den legendariske regissören säger:

“Partnering with legendary 2K and Visual Concepts is one of the most unique challenges I’ve had in filmmaking, and allows me to push the boundaries of innovative storytelling,”

Tre NBA-stjärnor kommer agera profiler för det nya spelet och synas på olika framsidor:

 “This season has been an incredible journey for me and my teammates, and being selected as a cover athlete for NBA 2K16 is an amazing way to celebrate this year. It’s a blessing to be named a member of this special group and I am honored.” 

Stephen Curry, NBA’s 2015 Most Valuable Player

“Fans had a chance to get a glimpse of what I’m capable of this season, so I’m honored to be recognized as a cover athlete of NBA 2K16. I’ve dreamed of making it since I was a  kid, and seeing myself on the cover is an incredible feeling.”

– James Harden

“I’ve enjoyed working with 2K the past few years and it’s an honor to be selected for a cover of NBA 2K16.  Just thinking about the players who have been on NBA 2K covers before me makes me feel humbled to be in such amazing company.”

– Anthony Davis

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