Microsoft avslöjar next gen-konsolen “Xbox Series X”

“Designed to Power Your Dreams.”



Under lång tid har Microsoft ryktats lansera en next gen-konsol, under projektnamnet “Scarlett”. Nu presenteras den nya konsolen, “Xbox Series X”, som enligt uppgift kommer lanseras under julen 2020.


“Designed to Power Your Dreams.”





I ett pressmeddelande framgår följande om den nya konsolen:


• Xbox Series X will be the fastest, most powerful console ever and set a new bar for performance, speed and compatibility, allowing you to bring your gaming legacy, thousands of games from three generations and more forward with you.


• Supports both vertical and horizontal orientation.


• Four times the processing power of Xbox One X.


• New Xbox Wireless Controller. Its size and shape have been refined to accommodate an even wider range of people, and it also features a new Share button to make capturing screenshots and game clips simple and an advanced d-pad derived from the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller.


• The new Xbox Wireless Controller will be compatible with Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs, and will be included with every Xbox Series X.


• 4K at 60FPS, with possibility of up to 120FPS, including support for Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), and 8K capability.


• Powered by their custom-designed processor leveraging the latest Zen 2 and next generation RDNA architecture from their partners at AMD, Xbox Series X will deliver hardware accelerated ray tracing and a new level of performance never before seen in a console.


• Variable Rate Shading (VRS) technology will allow developers to get even more out of the Xbox Series X GPU and their next-generation SSD will virtually eliminate load times and bring players into their gaming worlds faster than ever before.


• We are minimizing latency by leveraging technology such as Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and giving developers new functionality like Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) to make Xbox Series X the most responsive console ever.


• Xbox Series X is also designed for a future in the cloud, with unique capabilities built into the hardware and software to make it as easy as possible to bring great games to both console and elsewhere.


• Thanks to backward compatibility, you can expect your gaming legacy, thousands of your favorite games across four generations of gaming, all your Xbox One gaming accessories.


• 15 Xbox Game Studios are developing the largest and most creatively diverse lineup of Xbox exclusive games in their history.


• Xbox Series X will deliver a level of fidelity and immersion unlike anything that’s been achieved in previous console generations.


• Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II. A sequel to the award-winning Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice from world-renowned developers Ninja Theory, the game is being built to leverage the full power of Xbox Series X. The footage was captured in-engine and reflects the power of Xbox Series X available to developers to deliver new universes, experiences and games in ways you have never imagined.