Under helgen gick världsfinalen av danstävlingen Red Bull BC One av stapeln i den franska huvudstaden Paris. I finalpasset gjorde 16 tjejer och 16 killar upp om titeln på Roland Garros-stadion inför en publik på 8000 personer.

Efter timmar av battles stod Ami som vinnare i damklassen, medan sydkoreanen Hong 10 vann i herrklassen. Den 24-åriga japanskan kommenterade segern efteråt:

“I’m so happy to win the Red Bull BC One belt a second time, but more than that, I’m happy that I could express myself and have fun on the stage. This time I tried not to focus on the belt because I knew the Top 16 and every battle was going to be tough. So I tried not to think about winning but instead to enjoy the stage and go back to the original reason I started breaking – to have fun.”

Hong 10 fick också kommentera segern och gav råd till den yngre generationen breakare:

“We know our culture, maybe I win today but then I might lose tomorrow. There is no one who is a champion forever, as winning and losing always happens and I’ve lost more times than I’ve won, but the key is to keep trying. I also think that maybe the key to being successful is to humble yourself and to keep challenging yourself, which will make you a better person. Then you will truly deserve what you’ve worked for. I think that’s the motivation for me as winning isn’t what I look for satisfaction in.”

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