Lil Durk frontar samarbete mellan Beats Headphones och A-Cold-Wall*



I dagarna lanserar Beats Headphones ett nytt samarbete med A-Cold-Wall*, där Chicago-rapparen Lil Durk frontar kampanjen för de nya hörludrarna. ACW-grundaren Samuel Ross kommenterar samarbetet:


“Building a literal link between environment, inspiration, material, and function enabled us to project shared, hyper-local, hyper-global influences as a keystone for a universal community. By this I mean through the cinematography, the shifting of environments and location—the catalyst of music playing a major role in transporting a listener, or transforming a physical environment.”



Beats Studio3 Wireless x A-Cold-Wall* släpps 15 oktober och lanserar via utvalda återförsäljare tre dagar senare. Hörlurarna beskrivs vidare:


“Redefining the listening experience, Beats have become a leader in their field, democratising premium audio technology whilst establishing a clearly defined aesthetic program. The limited edition Studio3 wireless headphone takes an iconic and instantly recognisable framework and reinterprets it through a specifically A-COLD-WALL* lens, modifying the tone of this familiar object.”





Foto: Beats/A-Cold-Wall*/ Cam Kirk / Kelvin Krash