"...Raekwon says that I’m a bold-face liar, right?"

Wu Tang Clan har under andra halvan av 2014 storslagna planer för att fira 20 år som grupp. Fasaden verkar dock ha sprickor och sedan tidigare har Raekwon blottat sitt missnöje med hur samarbetet klanens medlemmar emellan fungerar. I intervju med Rolling Stone vädrade Raekwon sitt missnöje nyligen med hur arbetet på Wu Tang-albumet “A Better Tomorrow” fortskrider och meddelade att han inte aktivt medverkar så länge situationen inte bättras.

Nu svarar RZA på Raekwons kommentarer i en intervju med på Hot 97 som uppenbart verkar ha sin grogrund i bristande kommunikation och missförstånd:

“About six, seven days ago. And he gave me his demands. Which we presented to the company. Like ‘Yo, this is his demands.’ If they can be reached they can be reached. It they can’t they can’t. And if they can’t then we gotta reevaluate what we’re gonna do. But it was no lying there. And the only thing I would say is that I would respect if—like when I read something that Rae say I don’t really take it as if he said it cause he didn’t say it to me. I don’t know what these writers write…So, I wanted to say to all our Wu brothers that we should never take this press and media on face value. We can easily reach out to each other and get the facts. Don’t read the facts. Hear it right from the source.”

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