The Furious Five-medlem om Grandmaster Flash: “Hip Hop’s Milli Vanilli”

Scorpio drar igång en hederlig “oldschool-beef”?



Flera av grupperna och artisterna som hade framgångar när hiphop-musiken fortfarande låg i sin vagga, har under årens lopp knappast dragit jämnt. Sugar Hill Gang har skakats av interna bråk över pengar och royalties, något som även är fallet med Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five. I en intervju med sajten Yaheard.com, som citeras av HiphopDX, ventilerar nu Furious Five-medlemmen Scorpio nu frustration över Grandmaster Flash och dennes insatser med gruppen:


“From ‘Super Rappin’,’ from ‘Freedom’ to ‘It’s Nasty’ to ‘Beat Street’ to every record we ever made,‘The Message’ was the most critically acclaimed record but it’s been everything. He’s not on any of them, that’s why we came with the Milli Vanilli thing.”



Scorpio beskriver detaljerat hur Grandmaster Flash hade ytterst lite att säga till om när det begav sig:


“This dude is running away with — not saying he’s not entitled to nothing but if you know that most of your fame came from being with us and you didn’t cut on any of the records, you didn’t produce on any of the records, you didn’t rap or sing on any of the records, come on, you have to show the cats more respect than that. You can’t look at them like you’re the master plan. You’re going around telling the earth you put The Furious Five together, making it seem like he had a formula. It wasn’t no formula. Flash had nothing to do with putting our group together.”



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