Snoop Dogg om första mötet med Tupac Shakur: “…he aggressive and it sound like we kinda like battling each other.”

Möttes på en efterfest till inspelningen av filmen “Poetic Justice”.



I det kommande avsnittet av Snoop Doggs talkshow “GGN” möter han den högaktuella skådespelaren Demetrius Shipp Jr som gestaltar Tupac Shakur i kommande filmen “All Eyez On Me” med premiär till sommaren,


I en förhandsitt av epsioden får vi se Snoop berätta om sitt första möte med Tupac. Han beskriver mötet:



“Tupac was my friend before he came to Death Row. I met him at the wrap-party for Poetic Justice; my homegirl Samore Jenkins [got me into the party]. Actually, it was the same night I met Michael Rapaport. Ricky Harris get me in the little backstage area. So, they got a mic. [The] DJ starts DJ’ing. Tupac grabs the mic, he start rapping; I grab the mic, I start rapping. But, I’m rapping aggressive, ’cause at this time I’m like one of them battle rappers so I’m aggressive. So, he come back, he aggressive and it sound like we kinda like battling each other. So, we get off to a like a wrong start but you could tell we both dope as a motherfucker so its like we not really gonna go there. So, when we finish rapping we go outside I’m like, ‘Nigga my name’s Snoop.’ He like, ‘My name’s ‘Pac,’ and he break open a blunt and that nigga roll a blunt with me. That’s my first time ever hitting a blunt.”