Joe Budden om Drake – “Everything about Drake’s behavior is lame”



Joe Buddens attack mot Drake fortsätter, då han i showen ”Uncommon Sense” på MTV2 bland annat säger – “Everything about Drake’s behavior is lame”, när de pratar om Drakes svar på Buddens disslåtar. Budden pratar även om att han har screenshots från en privat konversation på Instagram med Drake, men att han inte vill visa dem. Dock håller inte Charlamagne Tha God tillbaka, programledaren för showen som sett bilderna säger:


“Yo Drake Insta DM’ed Joe Budden a picture of Joe’s face. It was Joe’s own face and it looked like Joe was crying. It was the weirdest thing. He invited you to his show and told you to bring as many people as you want. And then he said ‘I’m gonna pray for you and I hope you get through this”


“The thing that changed my perception about Drake last year was the fact he handled Meek so Hip Hop. He handled it with bars. It looked real G. But when you showed me those Instagram messages he sent you in your DMs, it takes me right back to the guy who I think was, you know, using a little feather duster to tickle the bottom of people’s toes.”



På frågan om varför Joe Budden inte valt att dela med sig av bilderna säger han:


“I’m just from a generation that doesn’t behave like that. I just expect if I’m rapping at somebody for them to not DM me a bunch of soft stuff”



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