Ice Cube bekräftar Dr. Dres medverkan på “Mt. Westmore”-album

“He rapped on it for sure”.



Ice Cube är som bekant en man med många strängar på sin lyra. Av den anledningen besökte han nyligen The Breakfast Club, för att bjuda på en update kring det kommande albumet med supergruppen Mt. Westmore, en potentiell VERZUZ-battle och det politiska initiativet Contract With Black America.


Om det utannonserade albumet med Mt. Westmore, som bekant bestående av Cube, Snoop Dogg, E-40 och Too $hort, sa han bland annat:


“We getting our ducks in a row. When we did Fight Club Triller, we had a lot of opportunities coming at us and we had to kind of sift through them and see what was the best route. I believe we figured it out so we getting cocked and loaded. We getting our visuals together because when we hit, we want to keep rolling.”


Gruppen gjorde sitt första framträdande i samband med det nämnda TRILLER-eventet, men än så länge har ingen ny musik dykt upp. Too $hort har dessutom utlovat produktion av Dr. Dre, men enligt Ice Cube bidrar legendproducenten med mer än så.


“He rapped on it for sure. [Dre’s] definitely on the verse, but I’m not sure if he gave us any production”, säger han i intervjun.


Ice Cube gav även update kring det politiska initiativet Contract With Black America, som annonserades för ett år sedan. Enligt egen utsago har rapparen haft möten med Joe Bidens rådgivare Cedric Richmond, men väntar nu på nästa sammanträde. Och han verkar lagom imponerad.


“We’re doing a lot of stuff behind the scenes, out of the public’s eye, because things get misconstrued when people chime in and they don’t know what they’re talking about. We’ve got some interesting things we’re going to announce as soon as they develop. I just want to take it away from all the noise being made and really get some concrete things done, instead of all this talk and trolling back and forth.


I see some progress being made, but the rubber’s still got to meet the road. What I learned with these companies is they talk a good game. They like to put out releases talking about how much money they’re contributing to these programs of diversity, but it’s all just press release stuff; when you really look into it, they’re doing nothing.”





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Foto: YouTube