SZA tillbaka med The Neptunes-producerade “Hit Different”



Det har tagit sin tid, men nu är SZA äntligen tillbaka med ny musik. Under natten kom nya singeln “Hit Different”, som producerats av The Neptunes och gästas av Ty Doll $ign.


I januari utlovade SZA att uppföljaren till tokhyllade debuten “Ctrl” skulle släppas under året, men hon har sedan dess fortsatt legat lågt. Men om den nya singeln, som vad det låter som blir den första från projektet, säger hon till Zane Lowe:


“I was swimming in my brain about what I wanted to say first, what I wanted to bring energy wise first and I just really — I just stopped trying to like overthink and I just wanted to give people something just to vibe because I have so much stuff that I’m just done holding onto. So it’s like I don’t even know how any of its gonna take shape or any of that but I’m just done holding on to it and this is the beginning of me just rolling out all my thoughts. I can’t hold onto things because I’m scared everyday forever. That’s how I am. Even today I was crying with mom because I haven’t dropped anything in so long and I just feel like the anxiety and like the crushing… I can’t explain how it feels to me. Sometimes I’m strong enough to just drop something and then two weeks passes and then I’m not strong anymore.”


I samband med låten släpps även musikvideon som går att se nedan.