Smoke DZA teamar med Pete Rock för gemensamt album



New York-rapparen Smoke DZA har under flera års tid hållt en hög produktivitet och släppt ett flertal mixtape-projekt och senast i mars månad släpptes albumet/EP:n “He Has Risen”.


Nu bekräftar både Smoke DZA själv och legendariske Pete Rock att de två sammanställt ett gemensamt album som fått titeln “Don’t Smoke Rock”. Skivan släpps i sommar. I en tidigare intervju kommenterade DZA samarbetet med The Soulbrother #1:


“I’ve known Pete Rock for years and this was a long time coming. Just that the timing was right. We ended up rocking together two years ago and we’ve been going hard. We got some shit. It’s a different vibe, both Harry and Rock challenge you. I don’t go into the same subject matter with Harry as I might be more conceptual and with Pete, I’m trying to destroy everything. With Pete Rock, I’m really trying to perfect my craft on a classic level with the emceeing. You’ll have to hear the projects to understand. Expect that project maybe around May-ish or June-ish. It’s done. Just trying to make sure the logistics are in order. It’s coming.”