Senaste åren har Machine Gun Kelly varit sparsam med att lägga raptexter, till förmån för andra musikprojekt som gränsar mot andra genrer. Nu tycks han dock göra en återkomst med sylvassa (?) bars tillsammans med Cordae. I ett videoklipp publicerat på MGK:s YouTube-kanal går de båda in öve Central Cee-instrumentalen till singeln “Doja”. MGK rappar bland annat:

How can I be homosapien, I’m high as the alien/Both of my lungs are in training/I’m burning pounds not inside of a gymnasium/This off the cranium/This a nuclear weapon my bars are Uranium…”

Cordae fortsätter:

“How can I be misogynistic, I love all my bitches/Grandma used to whoop a n-gga with switches, that was way before the switches/I was just talking to kells and he told me pull up at the crib he gonna throw on a beat/You could be born in fucking Antartica promise that n-gga ain’t colder than me/ I was just talking to God and he told me I got it don’t worry it’s all taken care of/ y’all n-ggas stay on the blog I stay on the rise so please just do not compare us.

Se hela klippet nedan!