ScHoolboy Q gästar Conway och Alchemist på “Shoot Sideways”



Griselda-rapparen Conway teamar med Alchemist för nya EP-projektet “LULU” med gästande Cormega och ScHoolboy Q. Den sistnämnde medverkar på låten “Shoot Sideways” som går att höra nedan. Projektet lanseras i samarbete med nederländska streetwear-märket Patta och med en jacka och en snapback. Samarbetet beskrivs i ett pressutskick:


“There are many parallels to be found between Conway’s story and the way Patta was built: That raw necessity, the organic growth, the genuine support from the community. The similarities are no mere coincidences. Fashion and music have been inextricably connected ever since music became a method of showing individuality, (political) beliefs and ideas. If it wasn’t for music, there would be no Patta, simple as that. For the pre-internet hip-hop generation, record covers and music videos were the fashion magazines. It’s what you relied on to get your information and inspiration, even more so outside the United States. This prompted a group of like-minded individuals from The Netherlands to express themselves creatively through music, sneakers, art and fashion, which would eventually lead to Patta coming into existence in the ‘00s. It’s only logical that an artist like Conway the Machine and movements like Griselda resonates in full with Patta: It’s for the culture.”



“LULU” släpps 30:e mars.