Rick Ross hintar om albumprojekt med Drake och Nas

Bekräftar även “Self Made Vol. 4”.



Rick Ross verkar ha en mängd olika projekt på gång, trots att MMG-bossens senate album “Port of Miami 2” kom så sent som i fjol. I en intervju med Complex diskuterar han möjligheterna för kommande samarbeten med både Drake och Nas, samt en ny volym i hans “Self Made”-serie. Uppenbarligen finns gott om beats att tillgå.


“I’ve got enough production to do a me and Drake project and a Nas project. [And] the next Maybach Music, Self Made 4.”


Ross adresserade samtliga projekt efter att ha fått frågan om hans beryktade “The YOLO Tape” tillsammans med Drake.


“That was just a vibe. You never know what could happen in the future, but me and Drake, him being in Miami at that time [in 2011-2012], and him coming by the crib every day, we was spending a lot of time together. And it was a serious possibility.


We wasn’t just talking shit. We really was in the studio a lot. It’s just not the same no more. Meaning, the way he travel and the way I move. But is it a possibility? There’s always a possibility for that because it would be simple for us.”


Konversationen gled senare in på ett samarbete som många fans hoppas på: ett Nas-album exekutivt producerat av Rick Ross. Även om han inte direkt uttryckte sig som att det var på gång avslöjade han att det hade diskuterats.


“Me and Nas had that conversation several times. And not several times as we bullshitting. But just because a project like that, with me, would be all about the details. The details down to the fucking smallest, most minuscule detail when it came to production and getting mixed and all of that. So, it’s not nothing that we could just sit and agree on and really dedicate ourselves to it.”


“But we’ve had that conversation and we left it there. We kick it, we give each other that look in the eyes, and we leave it there until the next time. So it’s never any pressure. Me, Nas, Snoop, we got to sit down and watch The Irishman and just discuss different things about the movie and [Scorsese]. So me and Nas, we spoke about different things and we’re always just laughing. It was actually a joke and we both laughed at it. Some kind of way, Art Basel came in and I just blurted out, ‘Nasquiat.’”


Om de första två projekten än så länge får ses som högst spekulativa bekräftar MMG-bossen åtminstone att “Self Made Vol. 4” släpps under 2020.


“Well, myself, Wale, and Meek, we most definitely are going to do something different than we’ve done. And this is most definitely going to spearhead it, but we’re going to introduce some new niggas to the game.”







Foto: Bob Metulus