Redman och Busta Rhymes gästar Phife Dawgs kommande postuma album



New Jersey-rapparen Redman är högaktuell som programledare för nya TV-programmet “Scared Famous” på VH1 i USA. I samband med premiären i måndagskväll har Redman besökt flera olika intervjuprogram för att tala om svunna tider och hur framtiden ter sig. Hos Combat Jack Show fick lyssnare intressant information kring avlidne ATCQ-rapparen Phife Dawg. Enligt Redman finns ett album färdigställt:


“Rest in Peace, Phife Dawg. I was blessed to be in his last days before he died. Me, him and Busta [Rhymes] shot a video. Now, when I tell you this new Phife Dawg album is ridiculous, yo! He just sitting to wait to get the right deal so it can come out. But we got a video — me, Busta and Phife Dawg. His album is like some old back-in-the-day — yo, his album is ridiculous. That’s what I’m really looking for.”



Redman beskrev vidare hur uppåt Phife verkade bara dagar innan sin bortgång:


“I hope they find the right deal for that, and it get platformed the right way where we can all help push that shit and make Phife happy. Because I never seen Phife as happy as he was on his last days, seeing me and Busta in a video with him. He was so pleased and I seen it in his eyes. I could see the pain he was going through [as] far as what he was going through internally, but he was happy and he kinda knew — it was at peace, bruh. That’s what I’m really looking forwarwd to, man: him really releasing that album, so he can really rest in peace the right way.”



Lyssna in programmet nedan samt se klipp för TV-programmet “Scared Famous”. Redman arbetar även på att färdigställa nya albumet “Muddy Waters 2” med preliminärt releasedatum till våren 2018.





“In one of the most haunted cities in the country, 10 reality celebrities move in to a haunted house but only one will survive.”