Professor P & DJ Akilles firar studiorenovering med nya videon “Poetry Perfected”

Uppsala-duon nominerade till Kingsizegalan 2014 aktuella med färsk musik.



I höstas släppte Professor P och DJ Akilles nya EP:n “Brews & Good News” och sedan dess har duon arbetat med att renovera sin studio. När arbetet var slutfört firade man med att spela in nya låten “Poetry Perfected”, och släpper nu en video med filmat material från byggprocessen. Se videon nedan!





For many years now, we have talked about renovating our studio. But we have never got around to it. We have always been focused on the next project. And the next project… And the next project… But this time we finally made it happen!


In the true spirit of the independent grind we did it ourselves, even thought we don’t know the first thing about construction (that is the reason why you might see some karate-kicks when we try to demolish the walls of the old vocal booth). We put a GoPro camera in one corner of the studio and photographed a time-lapse of the process.


Once we where done with the renovation we felt excited to get back to the music making, and Poetry Perfected is the result of that. We wrote, recorded and mixed the song over two days. It is just a little something-something to let you know that we are back in the studio — the new and improved studio!


We hope you like it!





Professor P & DJ Akilles är nominerade till “Årets EP” i Kingsizegalan 2014!