Nitty Scott MC albumaktuell med “Creature” – se musikvideon till “Pxssy Powah”



New York-rapparen Nitty Scott MC släppte 2014 albumet “The Art of Chill” men har sedan dess även bidragit till gruppkonstellationen No Panty (med Joell Ortiz, Bodega Bamz & Salaam Remi) och deras fjolårsmixtape “Westside Highway Story”. På nya skivan tar sig Nitty an en rad olika frågor som kvinnlig MC i en musikbransch fylld av patriarkala strukturer men även reflektioner från vardagen för en kvinna med ursprung i olika kulturer. I en intervju med beskriver hon skivan och dess titel med orden: “I’m owning and discussing the experience of being Afro-Boricua, woman, bisexual, then bruja.” Hon beskriver vidare processen bakom albumet:


“This is the first album that I was able to curate from beginning to end…So it’s really deep in that it’s almost me proving to myself that I can do this because it’s very scary, because I think these men try to control and try to piss out women in the industry…”



Nitty reflekterar även kring kvinnors situation inom hip hop:


“When we’re talking about the whole Nicki and Remy situation, that was the biggest thing that happened in the scope of women in hip-hop in a long time. It was negative; it was conflict; it was tearing each other down. And I’m not saying that we all have to like Kumbaya, and have a ‘Ladies Night’ part two, but there was a point in time when two female rappers not liking each other was not the leading conversation. When Missy, Kim, Foxy, Left Eye, Eve – when they were all existing – the leading conversation was not about ‘a bitch don’t like another bitch,’ and I think it’s really sad that that’s where we’ve gotten. I just really want to challenge that and say that it’s OK for us to support each other.”




Streama albumet nedan samt se musikvideon till “Pxssy Powah”: