Method Man avslöjade förra vintern att han arbetar på tre albumprojekt, samt ett gemensamt album Wu-Tang Clan. För sin egen del handlar om soloalbumet “Meth Lab 3: The Rehab”, samarbetsprojektet “Dirty P” med Havoc från Mobb Deep och ett breakbeat-projekt med producenten Rockwilder:

“Havoc and myself have an LP coming out called Dirty P, which is a play on Old Dirty Bastard’s name and the Prodigy. Myself and Rockwilder is doing a tribute to break beat old school Hip Hop. Break beats that I loved from the past, I’m redoing those records but with totally different lyrics.”

Nu tycks Method Mans soloalbum “Meth Lab 3: The Rehab” vara redo att släppas under våren, då Wu-Tang Clan-ikonen nu bjuder på nya singeln och musikvideon “The Last 2 Minutes” med gästande rapparen Iron Mic. Till Complex säger Meth:

“The song wasn’t our first pick. We were going with another song off the album and we had a ‘COVID situation’ and we had to come up with a treatment in like two days for the record. However the song ‘The Last 2 Minutes’ is a continuation of ‘Another 2 Minutes,’ off of the Meth Lab 2 album and ‘2 Minutes of Your Time,’ off of the Meth Lab 1. We just had fun with this one and made the best of our situation at the time.”

Foto: Tical Official