Max I Million släpper beat tape-albumet “Uncut Gems”



Den Stockholmbaserade producenten Max I Million har gjort sig känd som en av Sveriges främsta beatmakare med samplern MPC2000XL som sitt “weapon of choice”. Hösten 2019 släppte han sitt senaste egna albumprojekt “We Own The Night” och gästades av Planet Asia, TriState och Blu. Förra året släppte Max även albumprojektet “Private Barrel Selection” med beatmakaren Nocatchphraze.



Nu inleder Max I Million 2021 med nya instrumentala albumprojektet “Uncut Gems” via Coalmine Records. I en ny intervju med TheFindMag beskriver han bakgrunden till titeln “Uncut Gems” och sin kreativa process överlag:


“That takes us back to the concept of making some raw, strictly hip-hop shit for this project. Head nod-inducing beats that aren’t overly produced… Straight out of the machine. But in a general sense, I believe imperfection to be perfection. Let’s say I laced a couple of hi-hat hits or a bass note slightly out of place rhythmically—that brings humanity and soul into it. In the mixing process, I try not to remove the sound of dust and crackle from the vinyl sampled—that also brings humanity and soul into it. and so on. The glow is in the heart of the music and if it shines bright enough, why polish the surface and risk scratching it? Diamonds in the rough. Organic goods. uncut gems. That’s what it’s all about.”