Lyssna på ny låt med Phife Dawg och Consequence

Rapparen skulle ha blivit 49 år idag.



Idag skulle bortgångna A Tribe Called Quest-medlemmen Phife Dawg blivit 49 år gammal. Dagen till ära släpps nu ett samarbete mellan just Phife och ATCQ-affilierade Consequence, en låt som enligt den senare började skapas runt Tribes album “We got it from Here…Thank You 4 Your service” från 2016.


“Phife and I worked on ‘No Place Like Home’ in the same time frame as the beginning stages of the last Tribe LP. Even though he was living in The Bay during the last years of his life, we kept in touch frequently and I even brought my son Caiden to meet him in person while he was in New York, which led to both of us making a cameo appearance in his last solo video”, säger Consequence i ett pressmeddelande och fortsätter:


“A couple of months later Phife, unfortunately, passed away and Q Tip asked me to re-join Tribe to help make sure the last LP represented us and Phife’s legacy to the fullest. Once we released We got it from Here, Thank You 4 Your service, I always knew I wanted people to hear this record, but it just felt like the timing had to be right. This year it feels right.”





Phife var som bekant i en lång kamp mot diabetes och dog slutligen av komplikationer orsakade av sjukdomen den 22:a mars 2015, dagen innan videon till nämnda “Flawless”-videon släpptes.


“The one thing I know about Phife is that he’s a rapper’s rapper. The best gift I could give him for his birthday this year is to let the world hear the ‘5 Foot Assassin’ once again!”, säger Consequence.


“No Place Like Home” är producerad av just Consequence tillsammans med Mike Cash och går att lyssna på nedan. RIP PHIFE DAWG!





Foto: MikaV/Wikimedia Commons