Vecka 21 på Looptroop Rockers ambitiösa 25-veckorsprojekt ger oss ett samarbete med Allyawan, eller kort och gott Wan, på nya låten “The Runaway”. Senare i höst åker truppen ut på turné, se datum/städer här!

“Run away/
from the dark, hoping the sun’ll stay/
Andele/ escape the block, being done this way/
Renegades/ go south from what they want/
They out for all of us/ Sacrifices; what they’ on/
Our fights are in they’ palms/
They’ involved, a hundred ways/
I put this gun away/ I’m planning (the run away)
They’ hunting me/ They’ can go ‘head, chop both legs off but never take (the run away)/
Heart of a lion/ Dying never under a tyrrant/
Live and thriving despite fake Zion giving the eye/
Under fire/ Underpriviliged/ Unreliant to power/
Unrelated to kingdom/ I’m who they’ tryna devour/
U oppose, they holla/ Lies: exposed like voila/
Countries getting invaded?/ I suppose that’s dollar/
We suppose they’ winning/ How it shows, some’ll say/
I see new beginnings up close/ run away/ run away… “

LTR 25 Fall Tour 2017! Swipe —> to see the dates. #ltr25 #dvsg #looptrooprockers

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