Logic väljer att fokusera på familjen framför musiken: “I’m just over it.”



I fredags släppte DMV-rapparen Logic sitt sjätte album – vilket tycks bli hans sista albumprojekt för en överskådlig framtid. Beslutet att lämna musiken har växt fram under en tid, då viljan att spendera tid med familjen blivit hans högsta prioritet. Till Billboard sade han inför albumreleasen:


“I just wanted to retire because I’m over it man. Not even in a negative way, I’m just over it.” / “I can tell you more about diapers than modern rappers and ciphers.”



Se den nysläppta musikvideon till “DadBod” nedan, där vi får en inblick i hans liv familjeliv som småbarnförälder.





I en djuplodande intervju med Hardknock TV utvecklar Logic resonemanget kring att lämna musiken. Se intervjun i två delar nedan!



“Logic talks about why he is choosing to retire, shares experience of being a new father, explains why he disconnected from social media and is more private with his personal life. Logic goes into how he was standing in front of sold out stadiums yet not feeling good enough. He also shares how conversations with Executive Producer NO ID, shaped No Pressure but states that 6ix and Logic produced most of the album…”




“Logic talks about his childhood growing up in Maryland, how his mom being a writer inspired his love for words and how he used to study the dictionary and thesaurus to improve his raps. Logic shares that he is currently writing his autobiography and recalls some of the memories that come to mind when he looks back at his formative years.”